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Hair Problems…

Okay so with fall coming up I wanted to dye my hair a nice warm red color.. My hair was bleached blonde but I hadn’t dyed it in a month or more. So I decided since my roots looked horrible that I would get the dye. I bought Feria Intense deep auburn (the color on the box is gorgeous). When I bought it I was afraid it would come out too light since my hair was so blond before…And it came out the night sky. It had a small hint of a dark red in the light but it was BLACKKKKK. Also It broke my hair terribly. I found small broken red and black hairs all over my sink when I was brushing it. I’ve dyed my hair since I was peobably 14 years old (I’m 22) So it wasn’t like I didn’t know what I was doing. I did look up this product and a lot of people had problems with it. Probably 60% of the people I saw. Either it turned black like mine or wasn’t the right red color. I paid $10 for it wasn’t the super cheap kind either.

Now for the good…My hair felt really nice after I used it which doesn’t usually happen.. SO at least the oils did their job… I give it one out of five stars :P Also the black red color wasn’t hideous…But I’m way too pale to pull it off…

I have a before and after picture and then the picture of the product. The after picture was actually after washing my hair 7 times ( I didn’t take one right after dying).. with 5 different shampoos (some medical because it fades the dye quicker, I’ve been told) and 2 different conditioners. (Note: I washed it 7 times the same night :P) It did happen to fade some. It’s a lot more red than it was, even though it was a permanent dye. I’m thankful for the fading though.  Also if anyone knows of a good color that’s similar to this one let me know :) And if anyone has tips on fading this black ;O