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Okay so I’m actually doing this for 2 causes that are close to me. My family and my church.

this first link is for my cousin. I know he’s asking for money to go on a vacation. But his life has been much more complicated than that. All his adult life he has taken care of his disabled father and younger brother. Just this year he moved out on his own and has never really even left the state. This vacation is so much to him and he can’t afford to go right now. He’s never had much money and I’m so proud that he’s trying to see things outside of this state so I’m asking that people really consider it.

Okay this second one is for my church. I’ve explained on the site that what we are trying to do. I live in a small town and my church is well known for helping people in need. However we haven’t been able to as much lately because we’re stuck on this building. We use to host AA meetings, have showers and food when people needed it (if power went out in their neighborhood or if they were homeless), we had a food pantry and clothes. We did so much but we had to stop because the building we were using is no longer useable. SO again I ask if you want to help this cause to go to the link.

Thank you :)